The River Road

Level 2 — Level Modifier +0
Lizardfolk enemies, primarily (use poison damage, some lightning & radiant)

A young member of the illustrious Starling family — halfling traders — would like to open up a new trading route through this land. But first, the river road must be made safe for passage. She has no idea what you’re talking about with “rumors about the Starling family.” She is a legitimate businesswoman.

Reportback: Cleared on the second attempt (Sehua the Elven Mage was lost on the first attempt). The lizardfolk had been moving into human territory fleeing Nillur, a young Black Dragon. The party killed Nillur in a tense combat.

Reward: Ability to build Rivertrading Post in settlement (unlocks Halflings and Thieves)

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The River Road

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