Cleansing the Shrine

Level 2

A templar of Pelor (or Kord; player’s choice) wants to establish a temple in your unforgiving region. She’d like to start by restoring a small shrine not far from you. It was long since overrun by undead after the priest responsible for it was killed decades ago.

It turns out Ambrose the priest had attempted to retrieve and destroy or cleanse an amulet of Orcus from a shrine of the demon prince of the undead. It was too powerful for him and he instead became an undead creature. The party defeated him and destroyed the amulet.

I know something you don’t (x1) – 250 XP (Found a secret!)
We made it – 375 XP (Nobody died)
She’s crafty – 250 XP (Generic player cleverness)

Reward: Ability to build Temple of Pelor (or Kord) in settlement (unlocks Humans and Warpriests)

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Cleansing the Shrine

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