Too Greedily, and Too Deep

Level 5

Dwarves never know when to stop digging, amirite?

Though the party has cleared Chadur’s Hall of its kobold infestation and allowed a small clan of dwarves to (re)colonize it, the tunnels beneath it still lead to the Underdark. Some scouting parties have failed to return. Who knows what might be hidden beneath the mines? If the party assists the dwarves, they’ll open their forges to the settlement, free of charge. And of course, the party may discover other rewards beneath the earth. . .

Reward: Free build of the Dwarven Forge (unlocks Slayers). Allows Dwarven Forge to be upgraded to Master Forge, which provides a +1 to all weapon attacks and AC. Possibility for other unlock(s) depending on how the quest goes.

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Too Greedily, and Too Deep

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