The Dark Temple

Level 4

The amulet that led to the downfall of Ambrose the priest of Pelor and the corruption of his shrine came from a temple to Orcus, the demon prince of the Undead. From Ambrose’s journals, you think you know where the shrine is — in the badlands west of the mountains. Destroying such a source of evil would surely inspire the faithful, as well as attract crusaders to your cause.

The temple of Orcus was active and well-staffed. The party snuck in with stolen robes (strategically hiding some bodies and bloodstains) trying to be stealthy, though Paela’s inability to say “Hail the Prince of Undeath” with a straight face made that impossible to sustain. The party freed a number of prisoners, including what remained of an adventuring party. Two of the adventurers helped the prisoners escape, while Coral the Cavalier of Bahamut joined the party for the battle to destroy the magical link to the Shadowfell which supported the temple. The party fled with the last of the captives as the place fell down around them.

She’s crafty — 350 XP (General cleverness, the robes and unholy symbols)
We made it — 525 XP (Nobody died)
Flawless — 875 XP (Nobody was knocked unconscious)
And, thanks to Paela’s bad straight face, you missed the “Smooth Criminal” bonus for avoiding a combat through deception

Reward: Ability to upgrade Temple of Pelor to Cathedral (250 GP). Unlocks Cavaliers and Warpriests of Kord. Also discovered +2 Dwarven Armor, which Grathmeir is wearing.

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The Dark Temple

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