Bounty Board

The Bounty Board

The Bounty Board is a list of all of the current quests. Players are encouraged to suggest quests based off of in-game events (e.g. “I want to investigate where those undead came from”). DM’s will provide a few quests to start with, and may add or change quests as time goes on. Goblin raiders left unaddressed may become a more dire threat. . .

The format for quests is as follows:

Name of Quest
Suggested Level
Description (2-4 sentences)
Suggested reward (plot-related or treasure, subject to DM’s ruling)

The suggested level will be modified by the DM by a roll of Fudge Dice. Without going into the mechanics too deeply, it’s a little over 50% chance of it being the same as the suggested level, about 1-in-10 of it being one level lower, and 1-in-3 of it being one or two levels higher! Treasure is modified the same way (based off the actual level, not suggested level).

Jadunir’s TowerNOT AVAILABLE — Party started with Loreweaver College

Chadur’s HallCOMPLETED

Cleansing the ShrineCOMPLETED


The Sword in the Grove — Not yet attempted

The Dark TempleCOMPLETED

Too Greedily, and Too Deep — Not yet attempted

Unnamed Nature Quest — Not yet attempted

Bounty Board

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