Settlement Options

Clan Redquartz Outpost

Led by a grizzled old warrior of Clan Redquartz, a group of dwarf warriors has forged a new outpost, having heard rumors of mining opportunities in the mountains. If they’re successful, the Clan may send a full group of settlers and expand the glory and reach of the Redquartzes.
Starting Building: Battlehearth (unlocks Dwarves and Knights)

Loreweaver College

After a spat with his former mentor, an elven wizard has decided to start his own mages’ college in this remote part of the world. If he’s successful, then Loreweaver College will become known as a center of eldritch knowledge the world over.
Starting Building: Mages’ College (unlocks Elves and Mages)

The Templars’ Mission

Sent out by her superiors on a holy pilgrimage, a human priest of either Pelor or Kord has decided to cleanse these lands for the sake of civilization and the glory of her god. If she is successful, the glory of the holy city will draw pilgrims from the world over.
Starting Building: Temple of Pelor or Kord (unlocks Humans and Warpriests of the appropriate domain)

Starling Company Traders

An enterprising younger member of the illustrious Starling family has established a new trading post here in this unforgiving region. She is a legitimate businesswoman, as is the entire Starling family whose respectability is above reproach and whose great wealth is from totally aboveboard trading activities.
Starting Building: Rivertrading Post (unlocks Halflings and Thieves)

Settlement Options

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