Houserules, Allowable PC's, etc

Houserules, Metagame Rules, etc

h4. Content used, houserules:
- Essentials line of products definite
- Post-Essentials (e.g. Heroes of Shadow) possible but not necessarily
- Inherent bonuses are in effect (magic gear is special and optional, not math-required)
- Some combat speedup will be in effect, but mostly on DM’s side (double damage/half health)

h4. Groups, PC’s, & Adventuring:
- A group is 4-5 players and one DM
- A quest can be undertaken with fewer PC’s if not all players are available
- Each party can have up to 2 PC’s per player. Whether they’re “proprietary” or not is up for discussion
- Gold is shared with the party, and used to upgrade the settlement
- The campaign starts with Lvl 2 PC’s
- Newly recruited PC’s are one level lower than the most common level in the party

h4. Scheduling & Quest Selection:
- Players and DM’s can both suggest quests (found on the Bounty Board)
- Players agree on a quest and set a scheduled time for it (giving the DM time to prep it first)
- A full quest must be scheduled for at once, even if it’s more than one session

Houserules, Allowable PC's, etc

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